What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are diamonds that are grown inside a laboratory. Unlike natural diamonds, these diamonds are mining-free and do not harm the environment. Also known as man-made diamonds, engineered diamonds and cultured diamonds, lab diamonds are grown in laboratory using advanced technological processes. These man-made diamonds are made using carbon due to which they have similar chemical, physical and optical properties as that of natural diamonds. Tanache is happy to present you with lab created diamonds in varying carat, cut, colour and clarity.



1. Competitively priced: Lab diamonds are slightly more affordable than natural diamonds of same cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Lab diamonds are 20%-30% less expensive than natural diamonds.
2. Mining free: Choosing lab diamonds help you display your responsibility towards the environment in style, as these diamonds are mining-free.
3. Beauty & quality: Lab diamonds have similar chemical, optical, physical properties as that of natural diamonds.


Pure And High In Quality

Unlike mined diamonds, lab diamonds are dirt and impurity free



Compared to natural diamonds, lab diamonds offer high value for money.


High Quality

Just as mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical and optical properties


Environment Friendly

These diamonds are mining free, ensuring no damage to earth.

How are LAB Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab grown diamonds are crated using two processes:

HPHT Method

HPHT means high-pressure high temperature method.

In this process, a high-pressure environment and temperature is used to induce growth of the diamond. A small seed of diamond is placed in the carbon and exposed to the high temperature. The carbon around the diamond starts melting and forms a diamond around the starter seed.

CVD Method

CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition.

Using this technique, a thin slice of diamond is placed in a sealed chamber and heated to 800 degree celsius. Gases like methane, carbons are filled in the chamber. As the temperature rises, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms adhere to the diamond seeds and slowly crystalize the diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds VS. Natural Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have similar chemical, optical, and physical properties as that of natural diamonds. They exhibit same brilliance, fire and sparkle as that of natural diamonds. It is impossible to spot the difference between a lab diamond and a natural one. Only using specialized equipment, it is easy to spot the difference between a lab diamond and a natural one. Lab grown diamonds too are certified just like natural diamonds.


Lab Grown Diamonds VS. Diamond Simulants

Though diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite are diamonds but they are not diamonds in true sense. Chemical properties of diamond simulants are ​ different and they don’t have similar sparkle, shine, brilliance and fire as that of natural diamonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, lab diamond does not fade over time.

Lab grown diamonds are 20-30% less expensive than natural diamonds.

Yes, lab diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are created in a lab setting by recreating similar conditions that result in the production of mined diamonds. Pressure, heat and carbon is used in high temperature to produce lab grown diamonds.

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