Beleaf in yourself

Most plants get their energy through leaves by soaking up rays from the sunlight. We also realise that the plant is growing when tiny bud turns into leaf and then more leaves. This makes a leaf a fitting symbol go growth in many cultures around the world. Through our latest collection Al-Akhdar, we pay ode to this symbol very symbol of growth which boasts of 18kt jewellery curated in a leaf shape. This collection is designed for women who constantly evolve, reflect and learn from their mistakes to become the power house of every workplace and a pillar of strength of every household. Wear it daily or on special occasion as a reminder of the woman you have grown into. Each piece in this collection is carefully designed by craftsmen who wanted to reflect your growth story in form of earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings for you to wear your strength as a badge of honour. The brilliance of gold weaves magic and shine in the pieces.

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