We at Tanache are committed to providing you a good customer service and all our customer professionals are available to your help 24*7. We take great pride in being one of the top jewelry brands in UAE, not only known for our high quality jewelry and diamond range, but also for our value added services.

We stand by all the products we manufacture and offer warranty of the product being free of any defect or of low quality. Within 1 year of the product purchase, if you believe that the product has any kind of manufacturing defect then you may feel free to return it to us for a repair and we may also replace the product if the defect is not repairable. And in case if we are unable to determine that the damage is not caused due to a manufacturing defect then we will reach out to you to notify you about the repair costs.

Inspection & Maintenance Services

We at Tanache recommend you to get your jewelry inspected and do the regular maintenance service to extend its life. Regular cleaning and maintenance also prevents loss of the stone and regular wear and tear; it also helps you enhance the look of your ring as the touch up adds more sparkle and shine to it. Tanache provides you once in a year free of cost inspection and maintenance service, limited only within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Warranty of the jewelry will considered to be void if the jewelry is given for maintenance, repair, resizing or any other service is performed by any other brand except for Tanache.

Manufacturing defect is not considered in the following cases:

  1. Jewelry is discolored due to high exposure to chlorine water (swimming pool), hot tub bath, make-up or chemicals.
  2. Normal wear and tear due to which the stone falls out
  3. Chipping or breaking caused due to normal wear and tear or any other breakage.
  4. Few precautions you can take to take care of your jewelry
  5. Don’t wear your jewelry when you go for shower as by doing so the soap that you use can accumulate in the jewelry and make it appear dull or cloudy​
  6. Ensure that you do not clean your jewelry using bleach
  7. Remove your jewelry when playing any sport
  8. Clean your jewelry using warm water as using hot water can cause discoloration
  9. Keep your jewelry away from any make up items, perfumes, hairsprays and lotions

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